Self-Healing Software Eliminates Human-Error and Human-Apathy Dangers

In the last year, every conversation about automotive software — every speech, every blog and every presentation — all consistently...

Aurora Labs Aligned with the Automated Vehicle Safety Consortium

Aurora Labs’ Self-Healing Software Aligned with the Goals of the Recently Announced Automated Vehicle Safety Consortium

Creating Self-Healing Cars with Human-like Intelligence

Oscar Wilde said life imitates art. In our industry, technology imitates the imaginations of TV producers from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Engineering the Software Car

This automotive market is undergoing transformation and creating opportunities for a certain segment of the population – the software engineer

Updating, And Still Waiting

Yay! There is a new software version available for my car head unit.

Stepping Up To Meet The Challenge Of Software Complexity

Insights from the 2018 Automotive Elektronik Kongress in Ludwigsburg

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