Enabling continuous user-centric automotive software rollouts

Proactive Car
Diagnostics & Analytics

Proactively detects and identifies software vulnerabilities and collects data regarding lines of code behavior for diagnostics departments

Car Uptime

Seamlessly recovers product functionality even in the event of a software failure

Future Proof
Car Features

Guarantees that all car software will be updated anytime in the future, including software fixes, new functionality and security updates


Supplies runtime evidence to prove which code has been changed, added or affected for Type Approval and Homologation

Line-Of-Code Behavior™ Technology

In an era where software platforms are driving growth and line-of-code malfunctions, either malicious or incidental, are causing major recalls and downtime to vehicles, Aurora Labs’ researchers have developed a machine learning based technology for embedded software. Aurora Labs’ Line-of-Code Behavior™ technology is the foundation of our In-Vehicle Software Management Solution:


Proactively analyses the health
and performance of lines-of-code
deployed on Automotive ECUs

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Auto Fix

Rolls back software to the last
known secure, functional and
certified line-of-code safe point without
requiring dual memory or connectivity

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Auto Update

OTA Update software to close
the loop with a clientless hot update
solution for zero downtime

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Auto Validate

In-Vehicle dynamic software
signature of functionality

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Auto Detect

Auto Detect runs in the background of the operational ECU, analyzing the code behavior and health to identify faults at the code level and predict the probability for a downtime event - enabling the OEM to be proactive.

  • Machine learning based
  • SW ECU drifting catcher
  • SW ECU deviation catcher
  • SW ECU downtime probability alert
  • Supports AutoSAR, Linux, Android and RTOS
  • Less than 3% ECU overhead
  • Cloud based management and reporting

Auto Fix

When a downtime event is recognized, Auto Fix recovers the software in real time to the last safe, secure and certified version, ensuring the car continues to run smoothly.

  • Instant rollback
  • Zero downtime
  • No reprogramming required
  • Doesn’t require dual banking
  • Doesn’t require additional OTA update campaign
  • Doesn’t require network connectivity

Auto Update

Auto Update uses a revolutionary DIFF OTA Update – providing a clientless solution for updating any and all ECUs using standard protocols with zero-downtime and without dual memory.
Our 3D-Diff™ algorithm creates the industry’s smallest update files and the clientless solution uses standard programming protocols to remove the need for integration on the target ECU.

  • Clientless - no changes to bootloader
  • Diff files are standard bin, Intel-Hex or S-record
  • No changes to current software distribution channel
  • Significantly smaller than bsdiff and other Diff technologies
  • Delta update without memory reprogramming, or dual memory
  • Supports AutoSAR, Linux and RTOS on all ECUs – 8bit and up
  • Less than 3% ECU cycles and less than 1% memory footprint

Auto Validate

Auto Validate creates a digital thumbprint of functionality relationships to prove which code has been affected by the update for Type Approval in accordance to UNECE WP29.
Auto Validate provides transparency into the code that is running on the device; evidence that bug-fixes\cyber-security patches have not added additional functionality - proving that new Type Approval is not required; and clear evidence of which software functions have been affected by the new functionality, and which have not – enabling a continuous Dynamic Type Approval process.

  • Dynamic code coverage
  • Runtime software functionality relationship mapping
  • Maps dependencies in-ECU and between ECUs
  • Supports Android, Linux, AutoSAR and RTOS
  • Less than 3% ECU cycles and less than 1% memory footprint
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