Opportunities and challenges across the board

To compete in the automotive market you need the best software, and the best software is developed using agile, user-centric methodologies. Being able to quickly develop, produce and service new and desirable automotive functionality is critical in this hyper-competitive market.


Automotive software development is moving from the inefficient waterfall methodology with seven-year cycles, two-year testing and a single release - to a continuous customer-centric agile methodology. Self-Healing Software enables detection of faults at a line-of-code resolution for shorter development cycles and quick updating for fast prototyping.
This is increasing in importance and value as software development is being uncoupled from the vehicle platform development, creating independent software platforms with planned feature roadmaps.


Existing production plants are facing challenges adapting to the increasing amount of software in cars. Software-based features, mobility services and the changing ownership landscape are creating infinite software variations and configurations that need to be programmed onto the vehicle ECUs within the limited time available on the production line. The increase in software is also pushing testing to the limit and raising challenges to debug faults that are found on the production line.
The ability of Self-Healing Software to update code and configurations in a fraction of the time guarantees that the software will be updated within the time allocated and with the least possible drain on the vehicle’s battery. The ability of Self-Healing Software to pin-point the location of software faults at a line-of-code resolution, enables the production manager to determine their cause and accelerate their resolution.


Software-related recalls both for safety and security are forecasted to reach over 50% of all recalls by 2025. Beyond the cost and time required for car owners to go to a dealer for an update, and the negative impact this has on a car manufacturer’s brand, research has shown that up to 30% of recalled vehicles never get repaired. Self-Healing Software will enable any and all ECUs in the car to be remotely updated with a seamless user experience and without the car having any downtime. Self-Healing Software also enables the car manufacturers to monetize software-based upgrades to the vehicle at any time in its lifecycle with new features and mobility services.

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