Self-Healing Software For Connected Cars

Aurora Labs’ Self-Healing Software enables vehicle manufacturers to proactively respond to future vehicle software architectures, processes and services.

By giving the vehicle manufacturers the power to seamlessly detect potential software issues, fix, validate and update them – we’re making the world of connected cars more predictable.

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Global automotive ECU
market expected to reach

$60.5 billion

by 2025

A modern high-end
car features around

100 million

lines of code

By 2023, connected car shipments
are expected to hit

72.5 million units

The connected-car market
is expected to reach

$156 billion

by 2023

It is predicted that


of cars will be connected
to the Internet by 2020


We address ALL FOUR stages of vehicle software health

Continuous user-centric development processes create a plethora of opportunities and risks for vehicle manufacturers that never existed before. Our revolutionary In-Vehicle Software Management solution detects line-of-code faults to predict downtime events, fixes errors on-the-go to provide a safety-net for new software releases, enables reliable and cost-effective rollouts of new automotive features to all ECUs in the vehicle without any downtime for the user and validates changes to the software to facilitate homologation.


Detects faults in software
behavior and predicts
downtime events


Provides a safety net
for a seamless user


Clientless hot updates
with zero downtime
and no dual memory


Evidence of runtime
software changes
for homologation


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