Self-Healing Software For Connected Cars

Aurora Labs has reinvented remote software management, remote diagnostics, and over-the-air (OTA) updates for the automotive and IoT industries.

Using machine learning algorithms to analyze risks and changes in the software functionality and behavior, Aurora Labs’ Line-Of-Code Behavior™ technology improves the user experience and lowers the cost of software quality, safety and security.

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Global automotive ECU
market expected to reach

$60.5 billion

by 2025

A modern high-end
car features around

100 million

lines of code

By 2023, connected car shipments
are expected to hit

72.5 million units

The connected-car market
is expected to reach

$156 billion

by 2023

It is predicted that


of cars will be connected
to the internet by 2020


We address ALL FOUR stages of vehicle software health

Continuous user-centric development processes create a plethora of opportunities and risks for vehicle manufacturers that never existed before. Aurora Labs enables the manufacturers to move forward from analyzing binary images to analyzing the lines-of-code and identifying connections, dependencies, changes and behavior. This actionable data enables software change risk analysis, pre-error detection of line-of-code faults, software error fixes on-the-go, reliable and cost-effective OTA updates without any downtime for the user and software change validation to streamline regulation and certification.


Detects faults in software
behavior and predicts
downtime events


Provides a safety net
for a seamless user


Clientless hot updates
with zero downtime
and no dual memory


Evidence of runtime
software changes
for homologation


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