The State of Automotive Software
2022 3rd Annual Automotive Software Survey Results
New revenue streams for OEMs
Consumers are willing to pay for upgrades that their vehicles can receive via OTA updates - either as a one-time fee or as a subscription.
would pay for their optional vehicle functionality as a one-time free or monthly fee
44% are willing to pay $20 a month for vehicle services, 14% would even pay up to $50 a month
expect up to 10%
additional revenue
for OEMs from selling software features OTA by MY 2027
Consumers expect seamless and transparent OTA updates
Automakers need to partner with other companies in order to meet the challenges of software-defined vehicle.
Consumers expect 2-6 Over-The-Air Updates per vehicle, per year by 2025
70% are either unwilling to wait or would only wait up to 10 minutes for an OTA update to complete
believe that bug fixes or security patches must be updated automatically and transparently
Vehicle Software Intelligence for enhanced quality
The industry needs a more agile approach to support regular and frequent updates. OEMs need new partnerships to acquire innovation
believe that it is difficult to get a clear understanding of software interdependencies during the development, integration and quality control processes
believe that it is getting more difficult to debug software errors after the vehicle has shipped from the factory
expect a paradigm shift in the industry within 5 years to embrace QA as a continuous process throughout the life of the vehicle
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