Tel Aviv – March 23, 2023Aurora Labs, the company pioneering the use of AI and Software Intelligence to solve automotive software development challenges, announced today that its Line-of-Code Intelligence (LOCI) technology has been honored with the Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award in the Vehicle Infrastructure Integration category. The Business Intelligence Awards Program recognizes organizations, products and people who bring AI to life and apply it to solve real problems. Aurora Labs’ LOCI solves the real problems of software quality and costs that are currently facing the automotive industry.

Aurora Labs’ AI-based Line-of-Code Intelligence technology tracks software at the most granular level enabling the detection of the smallest anomalies and changes in software behavior for pre-error detection of software errors and proactive quality monitoring. This gives automotive engineers actionable information to better focus their efforts to analyze, test, diagnose and fix anomalies in the lines of automotive software code.

LOCI is the cornerstone technology of Aurora Labs’ Vehicle Software Intelligence portfolio of solutions. This portfolio delivers the only solutions on the market that track software changes and behavior throughout the lifecycle of the vehicle — from development to integration, QA, testing, certification and on-the-road over-the-air updates. This brings unmatched efficiencies and cost savings to the automakers allowing them to decrease bill-of-materials, bring software-defined vehicles and features to market faster and enhance consumer experiences.

“Aurora Labs’ Line-of-Code Intelligence (LOCI) AI technology is changing the way software is developed and maintained throughout the entire vehicle software lifecycle. The company’s comprehensive implementation of automotive AI enables car manufacturers to develop safe software-defined vehicles that continuously improve with advanced features and functions while on the road and meeting customers’ ever-increasing demands” said Maria Jimenez, Chief Nominations Officer, Business Intelligence Group.

“I am proud of the Aurora Labs’ team and the solutions we are developing. Together, we continue to receive market recognition for our innovative AI technology,” said Zohar Fox, Aurora Labs’ CEO & Co-founder. “As the software-defined vehicle becomes a reality a new generation of AI-based tools are needed to address the new challenges being faced by automotive developers. Recognition from the Business Intelligence Group reinforces our mission to ensure vehicles are safe, driving is safe and consumers are safe.”

This is the latest in a long line of accolades that Aurora Labs has achieved. The company has also recently won the Autotech Breakthrough Award in 2022 and the Merit Awards in 2022. Before that, Aurora Labs also won the Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award in 2021 and the CES Innovation Award in 2021. This showcases Aurora Labs’ striving for excellence in bringing AI-based Vehicle Software Intelligence to the entire lifecycle of a vehicle.