Tel Aviv, November 16, 2023 – What a fantastic way to end 2023 and usher in 2024! The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) has announced that Aurora Labs has been named a CES 2024 Innovation Awards honoree for Auto Update in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) category.

The CES Innovation Awards program received a record number of over 3,000 submissions. The announcement was made ahead of CES 2024, the world’s most powerful technology event, happening Jan. 9-12 in Las Vegas, USA.

The CES Innovation Awards program, owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®, is an annual competition honouring outstanding design and engineering in 29 consumer technology product categories. Those with the highest rating receive the “Best of Innovation” distinction. An elite panel of industry expert judges, including members of the media, designers, engineers and more, reviewed submissions based on innovation, engineering and functionality, aesthetics and design.

OTA (Over-The-Air) updates enable car manufacturers to fix inevitable bugs in new software code, protect against security vulnerabilities, and offer ongoing feature improvements. As OTA updates become a frequent occurrence, a new approach is required that will reduce costs, reduce vehicle downtime and improve availability. Aurora Labs’ Auto Update uses AI to identify changes in the vehicle source code and integrate into the software developer’s toolchain to enable six times smaller update files than current OTA solutions, a 50% saving in hardware memory requirements and seamless in-vehicle updates with zero downtime for the user.

Zohar Fox, CEO and Co-founder of Aurora Labs commented: “I am thrilled and proud of this great achievement. Receiving the CES Innovation Award Honoree for 2024 for Auto Update is once again a testament to Aurora Labs” continuous commitment to bring actionable innovation to the automotive industry. This recognition follows our previous Innovation Award at CES 2021 and fuels our passion to continue redefining the future of mobility to be safer and more accessible.

Auto Update offers these unique advantages:

  1. Auto Update writes its additive update files to the next free space on the memory, enabling a fully redundant software update solution without deleting previous versions, with or without dual flash memory. Cost savings from reduced HW requirements can add up across thousands of vehicles to millions of dollars. In addition to cost savings, not erasing and overwriting software on the device flash extends the life of the memory.
  2. Auto Update uses AI and advanced algorithms to make the update files six times smaller than alternative binary update files, saving data transmission and cloud storage costs. The smaller file size also improves transmission times, helping OTA updates perform faster across the fleet.
  3. With Auto Update, there’s no need to integrate proprietary software onto every ECU. The updates use the same file format as the original embedded ECU file (ELF, S-Rec, Intel HEX), guaranteeing that all ECUs, microprocessors and microcontrollers can receive the necessary updates. This can reduce integration costs and speed up the development and delivery process by using technology and file formats that are already integrated into the toolchain.

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