Aurora Labs, the creators of Self-Healing Software that keeps connected, autonomous and electric vehicles safe and secure, today announced that The Business Intelligence Group has named Zohar Fox, Co-founder and CEO of Aurora Labs, a 2021 Artificial Intelligence Excellence award winner.

This award recognizes executive leaders, organizations and products bringing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to life and applying it to solve real problems. Aurora Labs’ products use AI and machine learning to enable auto manufacturers to ensure vehicles can ‘self-heal’ by detecting software problems before they cause a system failure, predicting downtime probability, automatically rolling-back to a safer software version, updating that software with safer code and validating all of the changes made throughout the process.

The judging panel of independent technology executives chose Zohar based on his early realization that the automotive industry was becoming a software-focused industry with the need to leverage AI technologies and machine learning to keep people safe as connected, electric and autonomous driving becomes a reality. Zohar is now driving the development of the company’s solutions, which have been granted dozens of patents and are being used by global automotive manufacturers to continuously collect actionable data and obtain a deep understanding of line-of-code software behavior.

“We are so proud to name Zohar as a winner in our inaugural Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards program,” said Maria Jimenez, chief nominations officer for Business Intelligence Group. “It was clear to our judges that Zohar and Aurora Labs are using AI to improve the lives of customers and consumers. Congratulations to the entire Aurora Labs team!”

According to Zohar Fox, “I am proud, thankful and humbled by this recognition. Software and the software-data generated, creates fertile ground for innovation that will change mobility for the better. Using AI we will be able to automate many aspects of mobility, making it more accessible, safer and better for the environment. The development and adoption of AI technologies is still at its inception. It is mind-blowing to think about how AI and machine learning will enhance how we live, work and play through advancements in the automotive industry, manufacturing, urban development, education, healthcare, and many other aspects of life.”

About Aurora Labs

Aurora Labs has reinvented remote software management, remote diagnostics, and over-the-air (OTA) updates for the automotive and IoT industries. Using AI and machine learning algorithms to analyze risks and changes in the software functionality and behavior, Aurora Labs’ Line-Of-Code Behavior technology improves the user experience and lowers the cost of software quality, safety and security.

Aurora Labs’ Self-Healing Software solutions continuously collect actionable data, enabling pre-error detection of line-of-code faults, software error fixes on-the-go, reliable and cost-effective OTA updates without any downtime for the user and software change validation to streamline regulation and certification.

Aurora Labs, founded in 2016, has raised $34m and has been granted dozens of patents. Aurora Labs has customers around the world and is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, with offices in Germany, North Macedonia and the US.

About Business Intelligence Group

The Business Intelligence Group was founded with the mission of recognizing true talent and superior performance in the business world. Unlike other industry award programs, these programs are judged by business executives having experience and knowledge. The organization’s proprietary and unique scoring system selectively measures performance across multiple business domains and then rewards those companies whose achievements stand above those of their peers.