Aurora Labs is pioneering the use of AI and Software Intelligence to solve the challenge of automotive software development. Our technology detects and validates changes in the software lines-of-code to improve software quality and enable efficient over-the-air (OTA) updates. Our customers are the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers.

We are looking to hire a Team leader to be part of an agile team of engineers designing and developing the products and features that our customers require.

Our team is an experienced group of software engineers, product, and marketing champions with a curiosity for innovation and a passion for making a change in the exciting world of software-defined vehicles and smart devices.


·       Create an inspiring team environment with clear team goals.

·       Plan, organize, and prioritize tasks for the team to meet deadlines and deliver high-quality software solutions.

·       Oversee day-to-day operation.

·       Conduct code reviews to maintain code quality, adherence to coding standards and promote best practices within the team.

·       Monitor team performance and report on metrics.

·       Motivate team members.

·       Discover training needs and provide coaching.

·       Listen to team members’ feedback and resolve issues or conflicts.

·       Recognize high performance and reward accomplishments.

·       Encourage creativity and risk-taking.


·       Minimum of 3 years of professional experience as team leader – a must.

·       Minimum of 6 years of professional development experience in Python – a must.

·       Minimum of 6 years of professional development - experience in C / C++ - a Must.

·       Strong OOP knowledge - Must.

·       Ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams, including hardware engineers, project managers and product managers.

·       Experience with System Architecture and Design – an aadvantage.

·       Experience in large-scale and complex projects.

·       Experience with Open Source projects and communities – an aadvantage.

·       Bachelor’s degree in computer sciences from a recognized academic institution.

·       Experience in agile development - an advantage.

·       Team player.

·       Self-motivated to research challenges and solve them independently.