Auto Validate

Validate effects of software updates on
interrelated functions, systems and ECUs
providing evidence for integration and certification
Dependency Analysis
& Management
Map Software
System Integrity
Automated Change
Functional Relations
Regulatory Evidence

Understand How One Function’s Update Affects the Entire System

Updates to one software component can cause unintended behavior and performance issues to interrelated vehicle functionality. Auto Validate enables car manufactures to validate the effect a software update has on the entire system, identify the affected software components, and detect the resulting functional change.

Software Dependency Management

Through a dynamic UI, engineers receive full visibility into all configurations and variations of every line of code, its behavior, functions and dependencies, even from multiple suppliers and sources.

Type Approval Regulation

An amendment shall be designated a ‘revision’ where an approval authority finds that the vehicle continues to comply with the applicable requirements, therefore, no inspections or tests need to be repeated. 

The amendment shall be designated an ‘extension’ where the approval authority finds that further inspections or tests are required to verify continued compliance with the requirements or that new requirements become applicable to the approved vehicle.


Auto Validate creates a digital thumbprint of functionality relationships to prove which code has been affected by the update for Type Approval and in accordance to UNECE WP29.

  • Receive evidence that bug-fixes or cyber-security patches have not added additional functionality
  • Document only the exact functions that are affected by the new update
  • Dynamic code coverage
  • Runtime software functionality relationship mapping
  • Maps dependencies in-ECU and between ECUs
  • Less than 3% ECU cycles
  • Less than 1% memory footprint

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