Auto Detect

Detects faults in software behavior
and predicts downtime events
Predictive Downtime
Anomaly Detection
Change Risk Analysis
Test Unscripted Scenarios
Accurate Error Resolution
Map Single or Multiple ECUs

A New Dimension of Software Testing

AI-based tracking of critical performance indicators such as function call response times, function call frequency, call flow sequences, resource requirements and memory allocations to uncover:

  • Edge test cases
  • Performance defects
  • Compatibility deviations
  • Behavior change between interconnected libs
  • Comparative analysis

Continuous, Recursive Testing for Pre-Error Detection

Auto Detect enables proactive resolution of failures by identifying trends of software behavior and anomalies before they cause system downtime or errors. Ongoing, on the road detection of errors rising from:

  • Functional drifting
  • Deviations
  • Unresolved bugs
  • Cyber attacks
  • Configuration and integration incompatibilities
  • Downtime prediction

Faster Error Resolution

Clear and comprehensive root cause analysis into which specific
lines of code are causing software errors and which software
functions are creating system-wide communication mismatches.

Machine learning based

ECU SW drifting catcher

ECU SW deviation catcher

ECU SW downtime probability alert

Less than 3% ECU overhead

Cloud-based management and reporting

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