Auto Update

Over-The-Air Update solution for any and all
ECUs using standard protocols without
reprogramming, with or without A/B Memory
Zero Downtime ECU Updates without reprogramming,
with or without A/B Memory
Additive Update Files,
6x Smaller than Binary Diff
Reduce System
Instant Rollback without reprogramming even without A/B Memory
Compiler Add-on
Integrates into Existing
Toolchains & Architectures

Save Up to 90% in Costs

  • Lower BOM spend by reducing flash memory requirements
  • Save on data transmission costs and cloud storage
  • Eliminate device integration costs
Simulate your OTA costs

3-Diff™ Additive Update Files
Revolutionize OTA Updates

By comparing changes in the lines of code, Auto Update creates update files that are 6x smaller than BSDiff files.

3-Diff update files do not interfere with the execution of the existing software, enabling the update to be installed without reflashing or reprograming, with no reliance on an active connection, and with zero downtime, with or without A/B memory.

Constant Safe State & Seamless Rollbacks

The small nature of the update file allows for multiple update versions to be written over time on the same flash memory, enabling for instant roll-back, without reprogramming, to any version in case of an error, security incident or recall – thus maintaining a fully fail-safe redundancy solution.

No Changes to Current Systems
and Processes

3-Diff algorithms are integrated into the development toolchain, automatically creating update files by the toolchain in the same file format as the original embedded ECU file (ELF, S-Rec, Intel HEX).

Using standard file formats removes the burden of adapting the testing systems, production systems and dealership maintenance systems, and removes the need for a proprietary client integration on every ECU.

Clientless – no changes to bootloader

Diff files are standard bin, Intel-Hex or S-record

No changes to current software distribution channel

Significantly smaller than bsdiff and other diff technologies

Delta update without memory reprogramming

Supports all ECUs – 8bit and up

Less than 3% ECU cycles

Less than 1% memory footprint

Want to move to the next generation of OTA Update technology
and drastically reduce costs?

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