In the rapidly evolving landscape of automotive software, balancing innovation with industry standards is a complex task. With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and deep tech, the need for compliance becomes even more important in this safety-critical industry. Aurora Labs, recognizing the importance of this balance, embarked on an 18-month collaboration with Kugler Maag Cie by UL Solutions to align with Automotive SPICE standards.

Beyond developing cutting-edge AI technology, Aurora Labs is deeply committed to enhancing automotive software quality and safety. With its Vehicle Software Intelligence technology, Aurora Labs transforms intricate data into powerful tools for developers, enabling them to better detect software dependencies, increase test coverage, speed up releases, and improve the reliability of the software. 

Working with Kugler Maag Cie by UL Solutions

Kugler Maag Cie by UL Solutions collaborated closely with the Israeli automotive artificial intelligence (AI) company, guiding Aurora Labs towards becoming a competent player in the automotive tech sector, capable of aligning with ASPICE CL-2 standards.

The collaboration began with Kugler Maag Cie by UL Solutions conducting a comprehensive gap analysis to identify areas of improvement for Aurora Labs. Based on these findings, Kugler Maag Cie by UL Solutions facilitated weekly workshops, equipping the Aurora Labs team with the necessary knowledge, tools, and strategies to bridge the identified gaps.

This enabled Aurora Labs to:

  • Update its processes in line with industry standards
  • Integrate new quality tools
  • Train employees on new workflows
  • Balance innovation and speed with quality

Challenges and solutions

One of the primary challenges was changing the company’s mindset. Initially, Aurora Labs was more focused on rapid development in order to prove the power of its tool — which is often the startup way. But with growth came the need to transition to a more quality-focused approach that aligned more naturally with industry standards. 

“Working with Kugler Maag Cie by UL Solutions allowed us to build a compliant product quicker than we would’ve done otherwise,” says Zohar Fox, co-founder and CEO of Aurora Labs. “Investing 12% of R&D operational expenses budget on this topic with regular workshops helped us focus on improving the areas uncovered by the gap analysis, allowing us to overcome these challenges in just a year and a half. This process helped position Aurora Labs as a viable auto tech company, delivering innovative deep tech software development projects that meet the quality and process expectations of the biggest players in the automotive industry.”


Aligning with ASPICE CL-2, Aurora Labs has established itself as a reliable partner for automakers, offering high-quality tools to improve automotive software — be that through reducing downtime, increasing memory, speeding up testing, or uncovering bugs. Meeting the expectations of these standards reduces the risk of software defects and improves overall product quality.

“Seeing the Aurora Labs team achieve this level of compliance in such a short time has been incredibly gratifying,” says Steffen Herrmann, Global Director Consulting, Mobility and Critical Systems of UL Solutions. “Being able to adhere to ASPICE standards — especially considering the complex nature of deep tech — positions them as an innovative player in the automotive industry.”

Aurora Labs’ journey from a startup to a leading auto tech company is a testament to its vision, dedication, and commitment to excellence. The collaboration with Kugler Maag Cie by UL Solutions is a significant milestone in this journey, showcasing the capability to meet and exceed industry standards while retaining its agile DNA.