Aurora Labs, the creators of Self-Healing Software to future-proof automotive software, today announced that the company has been chosen to participate in the Batch 2 Acceleration Program of Plug and Play Japan. Plug and Play is a leading global venture capital and technology accelerator program supporting start-ups with innovative solutions. Plug and Play Japan was incorporated in July 2017 as a base of business development in Japan and is sponsored by leading Japanese corporations.

Of the 824 startups that applied for the program, only 59, representing just 7% were selected by the Plug and Play corporate partners including Nissan, Hitachi, Panasonic, Fujitsu, Denso, Suzuki, NEC, Macnica and others.

“Aurora Labs was chosen by our corporate partners based on the company’s expertise in how new technologies including artificial intelligence and machine learning can be applied to the automotive industry to help vehicle manufacturers transition to a software-centric business,” said Shingo Ehara, Director of Mobility at Plug and Play Japan.

Aurora Labs is addressing the needs of automotive manufacturers as their businesses grow based on software and mobility features and services. Aurora Labs is helping automotive manufacturers to capitalize on the full business potential of connected cars by enhancing the driver experience, enabling post-production revenue, cutting costs through improved efficiency, decreasing risk and reducing recalls. The company’s solution fills a crucial role enabling innovation and continuous development without compromising quality and safety.

“Being chosen by leading Japanese Automotive players as one of only seven percent of companies that applied to become part of Plug and Play Japan is a great recognition of the Self-Healing Solutions we are bringing to the automotive industry. This program will help accelerate our growth as we continue to lead the way to software-based autonomous driving,” said Ori Lederman, Co-founder and COO, Aurora Labs.