Aurora Labs, the creators of Self-Healing Software to future-proof automotive software, today came out of stealth mode with its solution to proactively manage and significantly reduce the costs of multibillion-dollar software recalls in the automotive industry. The company is developing a self-healing platform for connected cars. Backed by venture capital funds Maniv Mobility, MizMaa Ventures, Expansion Venture Capital, and Trucks Venture Capital, the company is already running several live projects with major OEMs.

Aurora Labs monitors on-board vehicle software to detect anomalies before they lead to malfunctions in critical systems.

How? By generating entirely new datasets for diagnostic purposes, Aurora Labs is able to proactively detect and repair software flaws in cars before they turn into malfunctions. Once identified, their platform helps providers dispatch first-of-its-kind, universal Delta Over-the-Air (OTA) updates for any vehicle system, by only replacing the functionality which needs to be repaired. The vendor and device agnostic solution removes the current barriers to adoption.

“We’re preventing countless software recalls by ushering in a new era of self-healing cars,” said Zohar Fox, Co-founder and CEO of Aurora Labs. “We’re beyond the turning point – new cars are now shipped with highly sophisticated software, exposing them to numerous vulnerabilities such as software bugs and calibration issues. Dozens of lifesaving functions – from airbags to brakes to steering – rely on tens of millions of lines of code to operate, and malfunctions are inevitable. By revolutionizing the detection and resolution process, we’re helping the industry transition from expensive recalls to simple on-the-go updates that can even be executed when the vehicle is in motion.”

With the vast majority of new cars expected to be connected by 2020, manufacturers are faced with the complex problem of providing swift and efficient software maintenance for on-board devices and are increasingly focusing on OTA updates as the solution. Until now, the utilization of proprietary software was a major impediment for developers of OTA services, requiring a solution compatible with each individual provider’s software.

Aurora Labs’ supplier agnostic Delta OTA overcomes this barrier by using standardized files which are compatible across all software systems in the car.

By enabling seamless OTA updates, Aurora Labs enables automakers to freely operate with any ECU supplier to fulfil OTA services. Their Delta software is also dozens of times faster than current OTA solutions and increases the lifespan of onboard flash memory, all while reducing power consumption.

“We’re helping car makers drive their businesses into the connected and autonomous era,” said Ori Lederman, Co-founder and COO of Aurora Labs. “The overwhelming majority of automotive recalls are now software-related, and manufacturers facing a surge in software recall costs can now save on their bottom line and reduce financial uncertainty while improving both driver service experience and loyalty. With instantaneous remote software updates, drivers can cut garage visit times from hours to minutes, or avoid them altogether.”

“The imperative for car makers to be able to safely and effectively repair and update software without costly dealer recalls, in parallel with consumer expectations of continuing remote enhancements, makes a reliable Over-the-Air updating capacity essential to the industry,” said Michael Granoff, Founder of Maniv Mobility. “Aurora Labs’ platform does more than just enable OTA updates – it will give vehicles the capacity to heal themselves. This ability will accelerate the advent of ever-more advanced connected and automated systems, ushering in a safer, cleaner, more accessible mobility future for all.”