Aurora Labs, the creators of Self-Healing Software to future-proof automotive software, announced the opening of their German office ahead of their upcoming participation in the Automobil Elektronik Kongress in Ludwigsburg, Germany. The office will serve as the base of operations for Aurora Labs’ expanding operations in Germany and will be run by the new country manager, Mr. Rudolf von Stokar, an industry veteran with more than 19 years of experience in the German automotive industry.

Founded in 2016, Aurora Labs offers a self-healing platform for connected vehicle software, with an advanced Predictive Maintenance Solution to future-proof connected and autonomous cars. Aurora Labs’ machine learning algorithms uniquely address all three stages of vehicle maintenance: The platform detects faults in the software behaviour and predicts downtime events; To guarantee a seamless user experience, the platform fixes errors in the electronic control unit (ECU) software on the go; And finally, Aurora Labs’ vendor-verified clientless, fastest and most cost-effective OTA update solution enables ECU updates with zero downtime and without requiring dual memory.

“The companies creating and integrating the newest automotive vehicle software technologies are here, in Germany, so it is very exciting to be opening our offices here,” said Zohar Fox, CEO, and Co-founder of Aurora Labs. “Aurora Labs is already working with several German and other international OEMs and Tier 1 providers. Our product is a critical piece of the software-driven future, making our company a perfect fit for the German automotive industry.”

Located in the business campus in Unterschleissheim, on the business campus next to BMW outside of Munich, Aurora Labs will benefit from the optimal conditions on the campus for developing software solutions for connected cars. The campus, which serves as a think-tank and open R&D center for autonomous driving technologies, links developers, start-ups, and executives from the automotive industry.

“Software malfunctions are becoming increasingly common in vehicle software, and when a software problem occurs, companies ask themselves three questions: ‘Why didn’t we recognize the error before?’, ‘How quickly can we fix it?’, and ‘Do we have the right tools?’ These critical questions need to be addressed to keep up with the challenges the automotive industry is facing in times of increasing connectivity,” explained Rudolf von Stokar. “Aurora Labs’ machine learning-based Predictive Maintenance Solution not only provides the answer to these questions – it makes these questions obsolete.”

“Autonomous driving is no longer a vision of the future – many companies are already working with prototypes or are implementing semi-autonomous functions in new vehicle models. All these new features are software driven and keeping the software up-to-date and error-free is a big challenge,” continued Fox. “Our Self-Healing Software enables predictable and cost effective rollouts of new automotive features at a time of fundamental change in the industry.”