Quality control is a vital part of vehicle software and it’s even more vital when you consider the different sources that may be contributing to the code base. Code can come from your internal development team as well as through open-source software and third-party developers. While much of the code might seem stand-alone, this isn’t the case and every new line could have a significant impact across the system.

These interdependencies present a challenge for quality assurance (QA) teams. Even when additional code might seem straightforward, there could be multiple dependencies that need to be tested as part of the QA process. Line-of-Code IntelligenceTM supports both developers and quality teams by delivering detailed insights into the coverage of your tests.

The road to 100% test coverage

In something as complex and as safety-critical as vehicle software, it’s vital you have 100% test coverage. With so many interdependencies, this is often hard for a human to do alone. Auto Detect uses Line-of-Code Intelligence, which as the AI sets run, will be able to map all the software functionality paths and see which are being tested. With this visibility into your code base, you can begin to see what’s covered by tests and, crucially, what’s not.

In building this picture of the code base as a whole, the AI layer will give you greater visibility into test coverage as well as the behavior and performance of the software as the tests run. It’s from this information that it’s clear to see which functions have been activated with the current test suite as well as those that haven’t.

Seeing the functions that haven’t been activated allows your development team to see where additional tests might be required – or, potentially, see instances of superfluous code. This insight into a rapidly changing code base can help you achieve and maintain 100% test coverage reducing the risk of releasing untested software to production.


Improving software quality with AI

With an efficient path to 100% test coverage, you can improve the quality of your software. With all dependencies covered across numerous functions, you’ll increase software development and functional safety compliance. This removes hurdles to productivity and can greatly improve time-to-market for new features.

Proper testing of software is vital in any industry but as vehicles continue to increase in complexity in a heavily regulated sector, 100% test coverage is crucial. To find out more about Line-of-Code Intelligence and how it might help your business, read more and book a demo of Auto Detect here.