Aurora Labs Awarded CES 2021 Innovation Award for Solution Offering a ‘Glass-Bottom Boat View’ into the Depths of Automotive Software


What a great way to begin 2021!  This year’s virtual CES will be held between January 11-14, and the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), announced that Aurora Labs has won the CES Innovation Honoree Award for its Auto Validate solution.

The panel of judges contributing to this recognition are highly respected executives – many from across the automotive ecosystem.  Included are Tommy Cvetanovski, General Motors; Siddha Ganju, Nvidia; and Maciej Ksiazek, Aptiv.

Aurora Labs’ Auto Validate solution gives the automotive manufacturers the transparency to validate what software changes have been made, how they affect other components in the dynamic and complex software system and to reduce software failures. According to the auto manufacturers that we are working with, there are several market trends driving the need for automotive manufacturers to have a ‘glass-bottom boat view’ into automotive software.

One major market event is the recent UNECE ratification of WP.29. According to the UNECE WP.29 position paper, evidence of the software changes and their effect on regulated software functions will be required to maintain WVTA (Whole Vehicle Type Approval). Auto Validate is needed to help auto manufacturers comply with the new regulations. It assigns a unique digital thumbprint to all the software functions and provided evidence of changes in existing functionality as a result of a software update.

According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, delivering over-the-air updates to vehicles is a “game changer.”  Delivering safe, secure and quality over-the-air updates, that can be validated, will not only change the game, but the entire business model of how car companies increase revenue streams to compete and win.

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